Corporate And International Tax

Assessment of Tax Treaties, International Agreements, Tax Information Sharing Agreements, Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements & other similar agreements for taxability and relief

With the 1991 economic liberalization, India has been a favorite investment location for huge international corporations. As more multinational corporations relocate to India, knowing corporate and international tax regulations in India becomes increasingly important in order to provide value to stakeholders capital. 

The provisions of the Income-tax Act 1961 regulate direct tax in India. The Act allows for source-based taxes, which means that money generated in India is taxed in India regardless of the person’s residency status. A person’s worldwide income is taxable in India and under the terms of the Act, credit for taxes paid outside India can be claimed in India. The Act provides a special rate of taxation for non-residents based on their degree of presence in India and the nature of their income such as interest income, income from business or profession, short-term and long-term capital gains, royalty income, fees for technical services, dividend income and so on. Non-residents who have earned income in India must submit tax returns in India in order to claim the credit for taxes paid in India in their home countries.

SalahKaro Team believes in the “Make It Simple” approach for delivering services, which means that the approach of service offered should be with the purpose of making the task easier for the clients. We provide a wide range of services to make it easier for clients to find strategic and tax-saving solutions. We offer a full-service tax staff with years of tax knowledge and experience dealing with all types of customers. With our essential “know-how” talents and strategic operational style, we provide tax-saving counseling and hassle-free services to balance revenues and corporate taxes.

How Can SalahKaro Assist You?

1.) Assessment of Tax Treaties, International Agreements, Tax Information Sharing Agreements, Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements and other similar agreements for taxability and relief.

2.) Effective tax structuring and advice for cross-border transactions such as engineering, procurement and construction contracts (pre-bid & post-bid stages both).

3.) OECD advisory and transaction analysis as well as the compilation of Transfer Pricing Studies/Reports and the issuance of Transfer Pricing Certificates.

4.) Assessing and formalizing Advance Pricing Agreements.

5.) Country-by-Country Reports and Master File Compliance.

6.) Tax reduction advice under Double Taxation by aiding in Avoidance Agreements and determining the taxability of foreign enterprises in India.

7.)  Establishing a method for taxing the foreign share of an expat’s wage and income in India.

8.)  Development of Secondment/Dispatch Agreements, Employment Agreements and so forth.

9.) Assisting with FRRO registration, VISA renewal, obtaining an exit permit from FRRO and obtaining an income tax clearance certificate from the Income Tax Department.

10.) Determination of residency and computation of income tax due on worldwide income in India, taking into account tax breaks for income tax paid in the home country.

11.) Compliances for personal income tax return filing along with disclosure of foreign assets Corporate Income Tax Compliances for all International & Domestic business set-ups.

12.) Corporate Income Tax, Withholding Tax and Personal Income Tax Compliances & Return filing and Advisory on Tax planning for Corporates & Non-Corporates.

13.) Obtaining lower and concessional withholding tax certificate and other compliances under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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