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One of the most difficult situations for any organization can be provided adequate and reasonable representation for any income-tax matter before the income-tax authorities or litigation before any appellate authorities. Comprehensive legal counsel and litigation support services are needed at this point.

In India, the Income-tax Authority has the authority to choose which return of income was submitted by the person and begin the auditing or scrutiny procedure. In India, everyone who receives a paycheck is required to submit their income tax returns in the required format on or before the deadline. The Indian Revenue Authorities may choose a return of income for a thorough audit or scrutiny based on predetermined criteria like the amount of exempt income, the capital gain on the sale of shares or property, the rate of gross profit, the deductions claimed in the return of income, the number of loans, etc.

The audit or examination of a return of income begins with the serving of a notice on the person demanding him to provide any information or data the assessing officer may need in order to determine the person’s actual income. The Assessing Officer may issue an order either accepting the return of income or enhancing the income by making certain disallowances of expenditures claimed in the return of income or reclassifying certain exempt income as taxable based on the examination of books of accounts and other pertinent information.

Any person may file an appeal with the Commissioner of Income-tax (Appeals), a quasi-judicial body if they are dissatisfied with the Assessing Officer’s decision. The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal is the appropriate forum for challenging the Commissioner of Income Tax’s decision on a factual basis. The jurisdictional High Courts and Supreme Courts are the courts to which an appeal on a legal issue must be made.

Our team of experts has an in-depth understanding of Indian tax laws and has a wealth of experience advocating for clients before various income-tax and appellate authorities.

How SalahKaro Help?

  • Assistance with completing a tax return by providing all necessary disclosures;
  • Analysis of the notice or questionnaire that the Indian Revenue Authorities sent to determine the notice’s legality;
  • Helping the customer prepare an appropriate response and submit it to the Indian Tax Authorities together with the necessary supporting documentation;
  • Evaluation of the order’s mathematical precision and submission of the application for correction;
  • Preparing the Form 35, the appeal’s reasons, and the statement of facts that will be presented to the Commissioner of Income-tax (Appeals);
  • Representation before the income-tax commissioner (Appeals).
  • Form 36, the reasons for appeal, and a summary of facts must be prepared and filed with the Income-tax Appellate Tribunal;
  • Support for legal proceedings before the Supreme Court, High Courts, and Income-tax Appellate Tribunals.

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