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The foundation of an organization’s management of a business, from hiring to paying the salaries of the personnel, is human resources.

SalahKaro’s payroll management services can help you focus on what you do best while helping your company go beyond the strategy of simply paying your employees their salaries. This will help your business run more smoothly. Payroll service providers enable you to improve your human resource management.


SalahKaro is one of the top payroll service providers in India, and we are aware of how difficult it is for organisations to ensure error-free payroll administration operations. Your company can benefit from a timely and accurate payroll process with HR Payroll management services. We offer a better and more effective payroll management process for your organisation as a reputable provider of payroll outsourcing services.

Essential features of payroll management:

  1. Quick turnaround
  2. From the first day of employment to the end of the worker’s life, assistance is provided.
  3. Restructuring of each and every payroll process.
  4. A decrease in infrastructure spending on IT.
  5. Placement of resources with consideration.
  6. Strict adherence to legal requirements and compliance.
  7. Documents, records, and reports that are error-free.
  8. Strong commercial acumen that supports top management’s strategic ambitions.
  9. Minimal chance of negative consequences from non-compliance.
  10. Resolution of all employee issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Tailor-made solutions for different-sized companies

  • Because of harsh fines for failing to meet statutory requirements and other indirect problems, managing payroll exclusively within your organisation can be challenging.
  • Outside appearances may make it appear simple, but many companies that handle their own HR payroll processing find out that it’s not necessarily inexpensive and straightforward.
  • Payroll outsourcing services offer an alluring substitute for internal processing for many firms.
  • Paying employees, submitting taxes, and carrying out other payroll-related tasks may be made easier and more reasonable with its help.
  • Regardless of the size or industry of the business, we offer creative and completely customised solutions.
  • All of the payroll administration needs will be directly addressed by our payroll resolutions.
  • With the backing of tailored solutions based on the foundation of extensive domain experience, trained personnel, and cutting-edge technology, we help businesses regain their competitive advantage.
  • This enables us to give our clients the assurance they need to handle all of their business issues.

How SalahKaro Helps?

  • Giving employees access to Employee Self Service (ESS), an online tool that allows them to create pay stubs, submit IT declarations, choose FBP, and submit questions.
  • Accessing and printing salary slips online.
  • Automatic Leave Import/Export and Tracking Solution.
  • Help with the online leave management system.
  • Managing Reimbursement is provided.
  • Replacing Excel with web-based payroll, reimbursement, F&F, report, and e-challan processing.
  • Offering efficient payroll administration that can serve as a catalyst for this change.
  • Offering services for payroll management.
  • Hiring people in accordance with the organization’s needs.


One of the best payroll frequencies that any HR service providers or payroll companies would suggest is to go for a monthly payout. This ensures that the employees receive their pay at regular intervals while ensuring seamless payroll management service for the organization. Other payroll frequencies include:

  • Weekly: This is usually practiced by construction companies, retail organizations, and other companies employing skilled and unskilled labours.
  • Bi-weekly: Here, the payroll frequency is 26 times a year. However, the payroll processing costs are lower than the weekly payroll processing. A day is usually fixed and the payment is released each alternate week on that day.
  • Semi-Monthly: Here, the payroll frequency is 24 times a year whereby the payment is released twice each month. It could be the 1st and 15th or any other two dates of the year. 

Payroll management services provide the following benefits to organizations:

  • Timely and accurate HR & payroll management due to expertise and experience
  • Payroll service providers suggest the best HR and payroll practices
  • Timely adherence to multiple labour and taxation laws
  • Outsourcing payroll management services to payroll companies free up your manpower and allows you to concentrate on more productive tasks.

An HR & payroll management service provider will perform the following functions for your organization:

  • Accurate calculations of payroll
  • Management of employee database
  • Manage employee insurance and coordinate with the government departments for the same
  • Preparation of salary slips, Form-16, and other statutory payroll documents
  • Ensure accurate leave calculation
  • Ensure timely and accurate tax and statutory filings

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