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In the world of corporate finance, Buy and Sell Business is a common transactional approach that involves the consolidation of companies. This consolidation can take two forms: mergers or acquisitions. Mergers occur when two companies combine to form a single entity, while acquisitions happen when one company takes over another. The purpose of a Buy and Sell agreement is to leverage the potential synergies that may arise from the collaboration of two previously independent companies. Essentially, the goal is to create more value by working together than each company could achieve separately.

Buy and Sell Business can take place:
  • by asset purchase
  • by share purchase
  • by share swap
  • by asset swap
Reasons for Buy and Sell Business Advisory
  • Financial synergy such as lower cost of capital
  • Improving performance by accelerating growth
  • Economies of scale
  • Diversification for products and services
  • Access to new markets
  • To increase market share
  • Strategic realignment and technological up-gradation
  • Tax efficiency
  • Diversification of ris

Project Assessment and Strategy briefing

To successfully pursue sell/divestment, acquisition, or merger opportunities, SalahKaro must have a clear understanding of the criteria that will define an ideal target company. This understanding will require a strategy briefing session with our management team to explore factors such as the target company's product offerings and capabilities, the quality of its human capital, its business size, and other critical requirements. Through this session, we will gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of these factors, allowing us to develop a highly detailed and focused search profile for our target.


After conducting a comprehensive strategy briefing session with our management team, we will conduct an extensive analysis of the economic, organizational, and market-specific factors that are relevant to the sell/acquisition/divestment criteria established by the client. This analysis will help us to develop a comprehensive list of potential targets, which we will refer to as the "Target List." Once the Target List is complete, we will collaborate with you to screen and evaluate each company on the list, with the goal of identifying the most suitable and best targets. Through this process, we will generate a shortlist of the most promising target companies, which we will then present to you for further review and consideration.

Solicitation and Pursuit

Once we have identified a shortlist of potential target companies, we will initiate direct engagement with each company's top management to explore the possibility of a value-chain partnership. We will carefully and respectfully approach each target while safeguarding the confidentiality of the client's identity unless the target expresses an interest in discussing the matter further and has agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement with SalahKaro. We will engage in mutual presentations and share any relevant information that may be useful while ensuring that the interests and intentions of the client are appropriately balanced.

Target List

As we move towards identifying the most suitable target company for our client, SalahKaro will create an Ideal target profile that will be used to evaluate and score each of the shortlisted targets. To facilitate this decision-making process, we will arrange for our client's operational team to visit the selected target companies, or for the target companies to visit our client, as appropriate. During these visits, we will facilitate management presentations from the target companies, providing our client with a detailed understanding of the company's operations, capabilities, and culture.

Due diligence and valuation

Once a non-binding Letter of Interest has been exchanged between the target and the customer, SalahKaro will do the valuation upon request and facilitate/participate in financial/operational and legal due diligence. Put this in a different way.


SalahKaro recognizes that successful negotiations are critical to the successful outcome of a sell/divestment/acquisition/merger process. As such, we are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive support throughout the negotiation phase. We will continue to provide support until the final signature of the acquisition agreement or equivalent through the closing of the transaction

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