Cross Border Taxation

Assessment of Tax Treaties, International Agreements, Tax Information Sharing Agreements, Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements, and other similar agreements for taxability and relief

The world has become a global village where no location is unreachable as a result of globalization and technological growth. As a result, firms all over the world have begun to operate on a global scale and have been expanding into new markets outside of their home countries in order to thrive.

SalahKaro advises corporate and non-corporate clients on tax administration and planning in addition to providing consultancy and advisory services on cross-border taxation. Change is the new normal in the world in which we live, and life depends on our capacity to adapt. Cross-border tax laws and regulations are also constantly evolving to keep up with the shifting dynamics of corporate needs and business practices.

Every business must consider taxes since they affect almost every strategic business and commercial choice. To increase the value to the stakeholders, it is important to keep the right balance between the two.

Our team of experts is experienced with the Indian tax system and continuously monitors changes to tax laws, administration, and regulations. We assist our clients not only create efficient cross-border taxation solutions but also put those solutions into practice.

We have a lot of experience guiding clients through domestic, foreign, and cross-border transactions. We assist our customers in tax preparation, planning, and representation in court and before tax authorities.

How can SalahKaro assist you?

  • Providing both business and non-corporate clients advice on managing and planning cross-border taxes, including identifying risks, planning possibilities, and compliance requirements.
  • Providing tax and legal counsel to global corporations regarding their interests in India.
  • Helping multinational organisations to reduce their tax incidence in India after examining the treaty’s clauses, income classification, and risk of permanent establishment.
  • Providing tax advice to international businesses regarding the taxability of their liaison, branch, and project offices.
  • General Anti-avoidance Rules
  • Place of Effective Management
  • Base Erosion and Profit Shifting
  • Advice on Multilateral Instruments
  • Equalization levy. 
  • Statutory compliance support
  • Income tax and Withholding tax (TDS) returns
  • Advance Tax
  • Tax exemption certificates for lower TDS deductions;
  • Work involving certification, such as the issuance of different certificates and Audit Reports in accordance with the Income-tax Act
  • Regular updations on recent amendments, notifications, circulars, and judgments;
  • Foreign tax credits issues.

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