Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Our committed team of experts guarantees that your company is in compliance with all laws and corporate secretarial requirements in addition to providing a number of important legal services.

It is a comprehensive, multistage, and destination-based tax. The highest indirect tax now imposed on the supply of goods and services in India is the GST. GST was implemented with a number of goals in mind, including limiting the cascading impact and creating a consolidated filing system. In order to profit and avert any penalties, SalahKaro is here to offer a variety of GST registration services. Our knowledgeable team of GST experts can offer comprehensive GST services that include all of the distinct Goods & Service Tax categories.

GST Registration, GST Annual Return Submission, and GST Audit

While it seeks to assist corporations in becoming GST compliant by offering them end-to-end GST return filing solutions, the GST registration compliance service guarantees that businesses remain entirely compliant. The process of auditing records, returns, and other documents held by a taxable person is known as goods and services tax. The goal is to verify the veracity of the stated turnover, the taxes paid, the refund requested, and the input tax credit received, as well as to assess conformity with the GST registration rules.

GST health checkups and advisory services

GST Consultants offers consulting services that are much more focused on the client’s tax execution and achievement, creating possibilities to evaluate and improve efficiency levels and obtain a more strategic procedure to handle the tax rules.

The GST health check is just as crucial as GST Consulting services in India since it offers insightful information on GSTIN. The main elements of this analysis of the goods and services tax are the typical facts and figures about the delays in filing the GST return, the delay in reporting external supplies, the tax differences between GSTR-3B and GSTR-1, the changes in ITC claimed when compared to GSTR-2A, the unclaimed ITC on taxes paid under the reverse charge, and the non-reporting of Nil-rated/Exempted and Non-GST Supplies in GSTR-3B. incorrect classification of other items and zero-rated supplies. This research looks into the likelihood of getting notices and what steps may be made to ensure they are received.

GST Refund 

The registered taxpayers may be able to obtain a refund of the GST paid to the government under the GST services regime in certain situations. Examples include the inverted GST refund and the GST refund on ITC in cases of exportation with or without payment of taxes. Each refund claim must be made using a standard form. The claiming and approving procedure will be completed in the allotted time limit and entirely online.

GST E-Invoice 

E-invoicing, often known as electronic invoicing, is a recent government initiative for registered taxpayers with a certain GST turnover who issue B2B bills. All B2B invoices must be electronically verified by the organization’s GSTN under this mandatory requirement, which is dependent on the organization’s yearly revenue. The Invoice GST Registration Portal (IRP), which will be run in real-time by the GST Network (GSTN), will issue an identifying number (IRN) against each invoice under the E-Invoicing system.

Both the goods and service tax site and the e-way bill portal get all invoice data at the precise moment. When these invoices have been electronically verified on the invoice GST registration portals, a unique reference number is produced in real-time for each invoice. The GSTN verifies the invoices before digitally signing them and returning them to the vendors with a rapid response number and IRN.

GST E-Way Bill

For the movement of products, the E-Way Bill gateway generates Electronic Way Bills. When the value of the products exceeds INR 50,000, the registered taxpayer is obliged to produce an E-Way bill for the transportation of goods by car. When an E-Way Bill is created, a specific E-Way Bill Number (EBN) is assigned, and this EBN is made available to the supplier, receiver, and carrier.

How can the GST Consultant at SalahKaro help with GST-related Services?

SalahKaro Group’s GST Consultant offers thorough guidance on Goods & Service Tax (GST) registration and return filing for all regions. Our team, which includes knowledgeable GST advisors and seasoned professionals, offers clients self-assessed solutions and ways out of their predicaments and also permits one-on-one question responses. Also, we provide customer assistance & guiding systems for a variety of GST registration services. by answering all questions and getting hundreds of compliments. The clients are assisted by SalahKaro GST specialist through.

1.) Annual return services will relieve firms in compliance with the deadline for completing GST returns. During departmental audits, SalahKaro will offer technical support and representation of GST services.

2.) Providing the organization with E-Way Bill in a timely manner and assisting the organization with the numerous E-Way Bill laws and regulations.

  1. Supplying the company with an E-Invoice facility. SalahKaro has established connections with several GSPs that assist in offering API integration services, creating E-Invoices using a template, etc.

4.) A comprehensive and all-encompassing solution for GST refunds is also offered by a SalahKaro GST expert.

5.) Providing services for goods and service tax health checks so that businesses may take the necessary steps to avoid getting GST notifications.

6.) Offering the organization the consulting service to help it avoid paying any interest or penalties. SalahKaro assesses and evaluates the ongoing updates and modifications made by the government or department and advises clients of any necessary revisions. Evaluating the tax implications of current or potential company transactions is aided by SalahKaro.


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