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With MSME making up to 31% of India’s GDP and start-ups proliferating there, there is an enormous need for specialist service providers.

Regardless of business size, organisations are quickly realigning their processes to take into account digital innovation, address the new business problems, and capture new growth prospects. One cannot afford to overlook managing a company’s finances, audits, internal policies, legal compliances, capital, corporate governance, or taking care of its digital requirements. The founders frequently misdirect their growth ambition in order to ensure compliance and avoid cash flow problems. Virtual CFO Services have gained popularity as a result of the market’s need for exceptional mentors and coaches, guiding startups, MSMEs, and large corporations and serving as an all-encompassing solution for managing business difficulties and fostering growth

With MSME making up to 31% of India’s GDP and start-ups proliferating there, there is an enormous need for specialist service providers. These companies, which form the foundation of the economy, need to have a precise business strategy and accurate financial projections in order to expand successfully. One such requirement that aids and seeks to fulfil these company needs in a sustainable and economical way is the virtual CFO.

Who is a Virtual CFO?

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a senior member of an organization’s management team who is in charge of overseeing the company’s finances, managing financial risk, producing financial reports, making strategic decisions, coaching/mentoring startups, and MSMEs. He is directly answerable to the stakeholders of the organisation. A virtual CFO can advise you on cutting-edge strategies to increase the profitability of your organisation and accomplish your business objectives.

Due to a lack of resources, businesses like start-ups, Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), and Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMEs) typically find it challenging to recruit a virtual CFO. Some companies therefore use outsourced CFO services to enhance their performance. Virtual CFO Services offers comprehensive answers to complicated business problems to firms, facilitating an efficient and cost-effective operation.

Benefits of Hiring Virtual CFO for Start-ups and MSME Enterprises

  • Correct accounting and budgeting: A solid budget that has been carefully laid out ensures that the business keeps a healthy profit. By adding the cost and the salary, Virtual CFO helps in calculating the required quantity of cash.
  • Enhance Profitability: Virtual CFO services examine your resources and prevent any form of waste in your business. A well-thought-out and implemented strategy increases the business’s total productivity.
  • Making decisions: The virtual CFO also aids in the corporation’s decision-making, which ultimately promotes business expansion. By identifying important operational indicators, it analyses the company’s finances and activities.
  • Risk assessment: The virtual CFO identifies potential hazards and offers solutions to lower the amount of risk that could have a long-term negative impact on the organisation and improve prospects.
  • Success-Oriented: The Virtual CFO consistently works on a success-based model while keeping an eye on the market and financial situation at hand. The KPIs are tracked and evaluated periodically by the virtual CFO by looking at elements including production, distribution, sales, cash flow, distribution, and inventory levels.
  • Growth Strategy Mentor: The virtual CFO assesses the company and makes recommendations regarding growth strategy and planning. When a business needs finance, the virtual CFO develops an appropriate improvement plan, a market strategy, and a cutting-edge idea.
  • Access to investors: The virtual CFO aids in decision-making and searching for suitable possibilities of investors for the firm, which ultimately promotes business expansion.
  • For assistance with values, see the Business Valuations of Assets, Liabilities, and Securities publication, which recognises the market worth of equity instruments, debt instruments, and derivatives issued by governmental bodies, financial institutions, and commercial enterprises.
  • Organizational Hierarchy Structure: Virtual CFO services have the authority to alter the company’s organisational hierarchy as and when necessary for business expansion.

When to hire a Virtual CFO?

The duties of a virtual CFO are more strategic and value-oriented. When a company expands and its demands alter, the CFO’s function in assisting with compliance with regulations, offering expert counsel, and fostering commercial expansion becomes increasingly important. Experienced financial specialists are required to manage the money as start-ups and MSMEs expand.

It also necessitates considerably more thorough disclosures, industry comparisons, and stronger corporate governance for the management of external stakeholders, in addition to higher tax and regulatory compliance. Also, there are difficulties with internal team cooperation as well as demands on income and spending.

By removing the sources of financial uncertainty and ensuring that the accounting records are solid and trustworthy, Virtual CFO will assist, enable, and help the team to tackle all of its problems. Moreover, virtual CFO services will expand beyond handling money to serve as a business coach and mentor for HODs, assisting them in making decisions, assessing company possibilities, and offering advice so that promoters can concentrate on business expansion.

Virtual CFO for Start-ups

Due to rising competitiveness and the development of digital business, the idea of a virtual CFO is novel and cutting-edge. Without a CFO, it is much harder for startups and small businesses to remain competitive, and employing an internal CFO is far more expensive for a business of this size. A start-up can get a qualified and seasoned CFO specialist at a reasonably reasonable cost when it uses a virtual CFO service. To expand significantly in the market, the majority of startups are currently moving forward with outsourced CFO services.

Virtual CFO for MSMEs

A specific emphasis has been placed on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the manufacturing and service sectors, which make up a significant portion of the Indian economy. The decade following COVID is anticipated to be the heyday of MSME in the nation. Despite having strong capabilities, many MSME enterprises fail because of inadequate financial management, a lack of mentors or industry expertise, and a lack of decision-makers. By providing them with financial, legal, and professional guidance tailored to their industry and helping them with the success-based approach, a virtual CFO service efficiently pinpoints the issues facing an MSME. The corporation can concentrate on its main business by outsourcing all of its management duties to a virtual CFO.

How SalahKaro helps Work?

For start-ups and MSMEs working with your firm, SalahKaro has a pool of individuals with extensive industry experience that can assist in offering virtual CFO services. You may manage your books, make budgets, and keep an eye on your finances with the aid of a virtual CFO. SalahKaro offers a one-stop shop for all business requirements and guarantees steady growth. Whatever the financial, legal, hierarchical, regulatory, etc. structure, SalahKaro is prepared to offer support for outsourced CFO services.

How we make an impact?

  • Variable Cost: By retaining fixed expenses at a minimum and providing the company with skilled CFO help, you can decide how much work the Virtual CFO will perform in accordance with the services you select. On-site, off-site, or hybrid services are all possible for these.
  • Growth-oriented Response: Virtual CFO Supports Growth by Aiding in Risk and Challenge Identification.
  • Team with Experience: Virtual CFO services are supported by resources with experience in mentoring and compliance with a variety of work experiences.
  • Future-ready: Set up internal finance teams’ support, Treasury Management’s cashflow focus, and assistance with firms’ digital transformation
  • Accounting reforms: Assist in defining and choosing the appropriate software for digital transformation, as well as the reporting structure.
  • Handling high-level financial strategy, planning, decision-making, and operational optimization is the responsibility of an umbrella coach.
  • Financial Mentor: Assist in creating the financial plans and reporting frameworks and regularly assess the performance.
  • Treasury and Funds Management: Handle working capital and partnerships with banks, as well as assist in investor sourcing.
  • Risk Management: A Career SalahKaro’s virtual CFO will take care of your company’s overall financial, growth, risk, and management.
  • Support with the administration of the HR & Payroll system, GST, etc.


Virtual CFO services are some of the most cost-effective services, especially considering the benefits it provides in terms of organizational growth and better financial management.

Virtual CFO services are usually provided on a remote basis from a distant place. However, if onsite services are required, then the same can be provided as well depending upon the needs and requirements.
Outsourced Virtual CFO services provide a one-stop solution for all your financial, accounting, and strategic needs. An accountant focuses on bookkeeping and accounting, payrolls, payment processing, and closing of books of accounts. A Virtual CFO provides comprehensive services from accounting to reviewing financials, budgeting, strategic support, identifying growth opportunities, etc.

Virtual CFOs also provide startup services aiding them from the preparation of reports and financials to helping them with fund raising. Nowadays, most startups are considering outsourcing Virtual CFO services as it is relatively cost-effective and they can avail of expert services in any domain.

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