Anti Dumping Duties

The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Scheme is a scheme designed to secure and streamline international trade under the direction of the SAFE Framework of Standards of the World Customs Organization (WCO).

The Government has two significant obstacles during this process: the first is the price of imported goods, and the second is the quality of imported items. The Indian government develops regulations or puts administrative measures in place to make sure that imported goods are not of subpar quality and that their prices are not inflated or manipulated in a way that hurts the native economy. Taxes against dumping are one such measure.

When the Indian government has cause to suspect that exporting nations are selling the items for less than their normal price, anti-dumping duties are imposed. Dumping is defined as the entry of a good at a lower price into the commerce of another nation under Article VI of the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, 1994. In India, the legal framework and policy for the beginning of anti-dumping procedures as well as the imposition of anti-dumping charges is provided by the Customs Tariff (Recognition, Evaluation, Grouping of Anti-dumping Duty on Imported Commodity and for Resolution of Problem) Rules, 1995. The Ministry of Commerce and Industries’ Directorate General of Trade and Remedies (‘DGTR’) either initiates the anti-dumping proceedings on its own or in response to a complaint made by the domestic industry that a specific product from a specific nation is being imported at a price lower than its normal price.

Be aware that the price drop could have a number of causes, including an increase in capacity or the availability of raw materials. Each interested party, whether in India or outside, is given notice by DGTR to present justifications and documentary proof in favor of the price decrease. The DGTR investigates the causes of the price decrease using the data it has collected from each interested party, and it closes its investigation by advising the Indian government to impose anti-dumping penalties.

How SalahKaro Helps !!

Anti-dumping proceedings are quite complicated and call for expertise to comprehend both the legal foundation of such proceedings as well as the factors that led to price reductions.

SalahKaro employs professionals with experience supporting all industries in such anti-dumping cases, including chartered accountants, attorneys, and others. In order to help exporters,  importers, and the domestic sector, we offer the following comprehensive services:

  • Identification of goods that exporting nations are dumping in favor of domestic industry.
  • Preparing the application, gathering the information over the last three years to examine the import prices, and filing it to ask the DGTR to start an anti-dumping investigation on behalf of the domestic industry.
  • Helping the exporters and importers of the aforementioned items to determine the causes of the price drop.
  • Helping importers and exporters manage and arrange their data in order to support import prices
  • Helping importers and exporters submit their responses to DGTR and giving DGTR prompt support.


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